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30 Aug 04

Link to the Keesling family tree,which contains Catherine and Francis Wilson Sisco and their family, including several we don't have in the database. Contributed by Bede Cisco.

26 July 04

Article on jubiliee at St. Meinrad showing Bede Cisco.

During the past few months, some of my time has been taken up with creating a new domain for my photography. Please take a look when you have a chance and feel free to send comments or suggestions. You can request free bookmarks and small calendars by sending me an email message.

RSM Photography web site.


15 July 02

29 June 02

I recently corresponded with Krista Scott who found a shopkeepers journal that her ggggrandfather,George Stevenson, had in their family farmhouse. During 1850 and 1851 he and Moses Sisco worked together and she sent me copies of a debit and credit page from the journal. Click here for the web page with this information.

01 May 02

A major find earlier this year by Bede Cisco and Sharon Parish was a possible link to the ancestors of Moses Sisco. Although we haven't found any supporting documentation for this link, it is very possible that this identifies the long, lost ancestors of old Moses. Click the link below to see the data.

Parents of Moses Sisco

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New leaves in our family tree!

25 Nov 00

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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19 June 99

I finally got around to putting an updated copy of a photograph of many of the BAY children (CIS028) on the web site. I scanned it from an original photograph that Sharon Parish has in her possession. It's much clearer than the copy I had plus I added some text to indicate some of the persons (if anyone can identify anyone else in the photograph, PLEASE let me know).

Also, I put a copy of a note I found several months ago into the documents directory. It describes how some of the census takers in the 19th century would sometimes use IA to indicate Indiana. The author of this document has also been transcribing the 1850 census of Spencer County, IN.

16 June 99

I transcribed a copy of Charles Bay's last will and testament and put it online this morning.

10 June 99

I recently received some data from Kay DeWeese on the ancestors of Charles Bay's first wife, Alice Ann Watts. I haven't had a chance to incorporate the information into my database yet, but I created a web page with the information she sent.

21 May 99

I found another HUGE website for the ancestors of Olive SISSON (Moses Sisco's first wife). The web site incorrectly lists her husband as being Francis instead of Moses, but other than that it looks like a pretty extensive site.

13 May 99

I've made a number of updates to the page for Francis Wilson Sisco.

29 Apr 99

I'm on a roll this week (and this month) for adding new links! Check below in the 'Other Cisco/Sisco...' section for a link to pre-1790 colonial census records and links to Kentucky and Ohio's Death Certificate index. Another highly recommended link that I read every week is Dick Eastman's online genealogy newsletter.

26 Apr 99

I found another excellent family tree for the ancestors of John Keesling (FW Sisco's father-in-law).

22 Apr 99

Click here for a page of information on Francis Wilson Sisco. This is still a "work in progress" but it has some of the new pictures mentioned below. My intention is to add more text and links to this page in the future. Unfortunately, I have to allocate my time between church, family, job and life in general. This leaves precious little time for hobbies such as genealogy. Genealogy is also one of those hobbies which is "never-ending". There always seems to be one more ancestor to find or one more generation to go back.

16 Apr 99

I found an excellent family tree for the ancestors of Olive SISSON (Moses Sisco's first wife).

03 Apr 99

I have updated the article(see below) by Mrs. Louise Hamilton Brock with the new information she provided. At some point in the near future I will scan several pictures of Francis Wilson Sisco that Mrs. Brock provided and place them in the Photograph Index.

30 Mar 99

I recently received some correspondence from the author of the document that list some decsendants of Francis Wilson Sisco's first daughter, Melissa S. Sisco. The article was published in 1984 and the author, Mrs. Louise Hamilton Brock, informed me about several errors in the document which were introduced at the time it was published.