Francis Wilson Sisco
by Robert S. Matthews
Last updated: July 07, 2000
Francis W. Sisco was the second child of Moses and Olive Sisson Sisco. He was born on October 17, 1821 in Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio. He was a shoemaker and a Methodist minister.

He is listed as being a 2nd Lt. in the 83rd Reg. Co. E of the Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War. He was mustered in on Sept. 9, 1862 and was discharged on Dec 25, 1871. His gravestone list him as being a Corporal.

Bede Cisco has obtained his complete pension application.

He died on January 11, 1901 in Adams, Decatur Co., Indiana and is buried in South Park cemetery in Greensburg, Indiana.

Children of Francis and Catharine Sisco

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Marriage record of FW Sisco to Catharine Kesling from the Indiana State Library genealogy division

F.W. Sisco's son Moses, penned a diary of his involvement during the Civil War.

Family tree for the ancestors of John Keesling (F.W. Sisco's father-in-law).

Mrs. Louise H. Brock has written an article listing some of the descendants of Melissa Sisson Sisco.

Obituary notice for F. W. Sisco

4 gen. of the Sisco family
F.W. Sisco w/ Melissa Walker, Lula May Wilson, and Monte Wilson Sarah Etta (Sisco) and Will Patterson Melissa Sisson (Sisco) and Jeremiah Crawford Walker
Gravestone of Francis W. Sisco 1st wife of F. W. Sisco 2nd wife of F. W. Sisco
Francis W. Sisco gravestone Catharine Kisling Sisco Eliza Ann Hill

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