Sarah A. Haines (Rice) Sisco

Gravestone located in Bethleham Baptist Church Cemetery near Newtonville, Indiana

Sarah A. (Rice) Sisco was Samuel G. Sisco's later wife. She was born 16 August 1827 in Ohio and died in 17 June 1911, according to her Death Record (#256) in the Spencer County Courthouse. That record states she died of "paralysis" after an illness of 5 days; her father was Joseph Haines and her mother "unknown." (I have been told that a man by the name of Levi Haines donated land for the Newtonville church and is buried in Sergeantís Cemetery.)

There are no entries for Cisco, Scisco, or Sisco in the 1880 Spencer County Indiana Federal Census (abstracted by Kristine Manley and Sharon Patmore, 1990). According to the 1900 Spencer County Indiana Census for Hammond Township, District #63, she was living with her daughter Annaís family (household #49).

Her father was born in Kentucky and her mother in Maryland. She is buried in Fairview Church Cemetery, located about 5 miles north of Grandview (east and somewhat south of Newtonville) on Highland Road (300/250E). It is #19 in Volume 1 of Spencer County (Ind.) Cemetery Inscriptions (Compiled by Spencer County Historical Society, Rockport, Indiana, 1987), and the listing for Sarah is on page 203. The inscription indicates the years of her birth and death. The stone is located on the north side of the drive that goes up to the church.

The above information was compiled by Bede Donald Cisco 7/98

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