Donald Cisco, Clara (Bay) Paris, Leon Cisco, Joseph Ross Bay, Leroy Bay, Noel Cisco, 1912

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Brief abstract of this genealogical database.
The progenitor of this family line is Moses SISCO, b. 28 Sep 1799 in Newark, NJ. He moved to Montgomery Co., Ohio in the early 1800's and his descendants settled in and around Franklin, IN where some of them still live today. We think that Moses' parents were members of the Dutch Reformed Church in Essex County, NJ. They split off from this church, joined the new Methodist denomination which John Wesley had recently founded and moved westward to Ohio sometime around 1810. One of Moses' brothers, Samuel G. Sisco, lived and died in Spencer County, Indiana. He and some of his descendants have been researched extensively by Fr. Bede Cisco.

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January 19, 2009

Last fall a male descendant of Moses Sisco had the 37 marker test done on his Y-DNA which showed an exact 37 marker match of the Y-DNA of other men named Cisco/Sisco who are descendants of Sanders Sr, Jacob, James, John and Thomas Fancher Sisco of Tennessee.

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If you know of other web sites with lots of Francisco info. that I don't have listed, please email me and I'll add them to my list.

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Creating this web site has been a labor of love on my part. It has taken many, many hours to create the photographic images, design the HTML pages, and input the genealogical data. I used several invaluable tools to help (HomeSite, GIFcon, and GED2HTML) with the creation of all the HTML pages, but it was still a mammoth task.

Several people who have had a hand in providing the raw information contained in these pages deserve credit. First and foremost is my grandfather, William Leon Cisco. He spent his lifetime searching, cataloging, and documenting most of the genealogical data on the Sisco/Cisco relatives. Three other people who have put considerable time and effort into researching this lineage are David Leon Cisco, Sharon Cisco Parish, and Father Bede Donald Cisco. They all have considerable amounts of documentation on various ancestral lines and have contributed valuable information on our ancestors.

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