An Interview with Noel Bay Cisco

August 1994, Franklin, Indiana



Noel Cisco


Sharon (Cisco) Parish


 (transcript of taped interview)

N: I was born in 1905. I worked at the Post Office 37 years before I retired, and I kind of stuck around after that and did different things. In 1970 I took full retirement from what I was doing.

Dorothy and I got married in 1973 and we traveled quite a bit. Took bus tours and enjoyed life very much; till I got to a place where I couldn't go. About 5 years ago I began to slow down quite a bit, since then I've been getting less active 'till I got to the place where I am right now. Just practically inactive. I hope to keep on going as long as I can, and I think that's about all.


Who were your parents?


Lillie and David Cisco were my parents. My dad passed away in 1939, and my mother in 1968, and they had four children, 4 boys. I was the oldest and my brother Don was next, Leon was third and Joe was the fourth, youngest. Leon and I are the only two living -- both of us affected with health concerns.


Where did you grow up?


Well, three of us grew up around Franklin there, Leon moved to Indianapolis when he got a job up there at a clothing store or dry goods store in Indianapolis. Worked there until he got a job with Prestle Light -- name of it now I can't recall -- in Indianapolis.

He married Helen Harmon and was transferred from Indianapolis to Atlanta with Prestle Light (Union Carbide) lived and worked in Atlanta a number of years. Then he was transferred to Alabama.


Anything else you want to tell?


Never knew my grandmother on my mother's side. I knew my granddaddy lived with Mother and Dad a long time before he died in 1920. He had two daughters - my mother and her sister Edel Bay who passed away in 1917.

My other Grandfather was William Brockman; he lived in a little community called Jollity about 10 miles southeast of Franklin. He had a farm of 160 acres that he farmed. He died sometime around 1917 or 1918.

My mother's father Joe Bay worked out there for many years as a farm hand until he got unable to work, then lived with mother and dad and we 4 boys too. We had a wonderful time.

Editor's note:

Sharon talked with LeRoy Bay shortly after this interview and one of the questions she asked was what kind of prank he remembered from his childhood. He said, "the times that school was dismissed because Noel had secretly laid the innards of a skunk on one of the school radiators!"