Note - There is some different information in the [1880] Johnson County History book by Banta. It says Joseph and Judith came to Indiana in 1834. Uncle Leon had done some research and found that Joseph was living in Montgomery County, KY. In 1820 as he was granted a 1812 War Pension in April or May of 1820. I'm not sure where the following information originated from, but I had two stories with each one having a few sentences the other did not have. In the following story I have taken the contexts of both pages of information and melded them together and added a little more information. I would guess the original stories were written around mid 1900s. A woman by the name of Alice, is writing about meeting two new cousins, Kate Dodd Essex of Edinburgh and Grace Dodd Johnson of rural Franklin. The Dodds come from Joseph and Judith's daughter Hester who married a Jones. There is a lot of updating that could be done to the original story, someday I might attempt it. Sharon Parish 8/2000 317-736-9285


Joseph Bay married Judith Epherson and came through from Kentucky to Indiana about 1820. His people were English and had come from Virginia. He had a brother Samuel who went farther west to Missouri and became a judge in St. Louis. He wrote several law books.

There was a sister Hester Bay, who married a Jones and the Dodds come down from her line. Joseph and Judith had a home north and west of Edinburg, they had three children Nancy, Hester and Charles. Nancy married and went to Illinois to live. Hester married a Warder and had Jackson, Van and Mollie. Van was killed in the Civil War. Mollie married George Foxworthy. Jack married Lou Foxworthy and they had Charles, Will, Arch, Myrtle and Fred. Hester later married Tommie Barnett. Joseph Bay died when on a trip back to Kentucky. He was buried there and Charles came back leading his father's horse.

When Judith became a widow she lived with her son Charles on a farm where Camp Atterbury is now. They lived in a log cabin but later built a frame house that had 4 rooms downstairs and 2 rooms upstairs. It stood on a low hill facing the Mauxferry Road. In front of the house were two, very, large Walnut trees that could be seen from miles around. Charles became constable of Blue River Township in Edinburg, Indiana from 1841 to 1845 or 46.

Charles married for his first wife, Alice Ann Watts, 4/18/1884. Her father, Israel Watts, was one of the founders of the town of Edinburgh. He and his wife are buried on top of Thompson Hill in Edinburg. (In the summer of 1999 a relative of Alice Watts mother Mary Deweese Watts (her father was Rev. Joshua Deweese) and I went to this area and there is nothing to prove they are buried there, although there were several broken and unreadable tombstones found in the area. This was the site of Edinburgh's first cemetery. Edinburgh founders The Thompsons were friends of Israel Watts, The Thompson families of Edinburg have placed gravestones, (not the original ones), with the names of the original Thompson family on top of the hill near the water tower. We were disappointed not to find any remains of the Watts tombstones on the hill. After doing some research we found an Israel Watts buried in Edinburg's Rest Haven Cemetery, It's very possible this is our Israel Watts. He could have been moved there when Rest haven was opened. We have not been able to find any death or burial information pertaining to Mary DeWeese Watts, nor have the people in Ohio that are doing extensive research on the DeWeese family. sp )

Charles Bay and Alice Ann Watts Bay had three children, Joseph, Israel and also a little girl that died when her mother died. Joseph had a college education (from Brookville College, which is near Metamora Indiana. His sheepskin diploma and his school bell were donated to the Johnson County Museum. He taught school for 40 years in Johnson County and was also a correspondent for The Franklin Evening Star. He wrote often about the Jollity neighborhood in eastern Johnson County. sp)

He always signed his name J.R. Bay and this was the signature in his books which he gave to the Franklin Public library. (There is no record of these books that we can find and we don't know what kind of books they were. sp) Joseph married Callie(Sarah Caroline) Brockman and they had Walter Edwin, Lillie, Clara Edell and 4 children including a son, Charles Roscoe that died in infancy. (Clara) Edell died when she was a young woman. Walter married Cordelia Sheek Oakley and had two children LeRoy and Clara Emmaline. LeRoy married May Woolen and lives in Whiteland. (He has 2 sons that will carry on the Bay name, Richard and Lucas. sp) (Clara married Archie Paris and lives in Franklin they have 5 children, John, Robert, William, Carolyn, and Allen. Archie had 3 children Ruth, Les, and Don. sp) Lillie married David Anson Cisco and has four boys, Noel, Donald, Leon and Joseph.

Israel Bay married Jennie Jones in September 1869, at that time her father Thomas W. Jones was the minister if the Methodist Church in Nineveh (at that time Nineveh was known as Williamsburg. sp) they had Alice, Charles, Deloss, Bertha, Mayme and 2 or 3 children that died in infancy. Bertha married a Walton and had Stanley and Myrna. Stanley lives in Edinburg and Myrna in the east. Bertha died in 1928 and is buried in New Orleans. Deloss died in (he was killed on the railroad) `41 (info from Freeman cemetery says he died Oct 28, 1894 at the age of 20 sp) and is buried in the Freeman Cemetery, off US 31 not far from Runkles farm. (South of Franklin, from State Road 44 about 8.3 miles on the west side of the road, back a private lane. sp) there are several members of these families buried there-Judith and Charles and his three wives, children of Harriet and Charles and also children of Israel and Jennie Bay. Israel and Jennie are buried there and Alice will be. Mayme is a widow (Mrs. Stanley Myers) and she will be buried beside her husband at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis. She is now a teacher at Bogue Stammering School in Indianapolis.

Charles Bay married for his second wife, Keturah Chenoweth (in 1852) who had Jane who married Asbury Henderson. Their children were Widdus, Viola, Noah, Maude, Ray and Hester, four children died in infancy. Widdus married Alma Carter, (whose grandmother was a DeHart and a cousin to Nancy Hanks, Lincoln's mother) they had Margaret, Mable, Widdus, Marion and Bille another child died in infancy (my records show it was a girl dying at age 8. sp) Margaret married Walter Brockman and is teaching at Indiana University. They had a son Robert. Viola married Lloyd Tucker and their daughter Mildred married a Haymaker. They had Mary Louise and Arnold. Mary Louise married Ben Hill and is a teacher at Purdue University. Viola became a widow and is living in Columbus next door to her daughter who is now Mrs. Gerald Walker. Noah married Ada Bridges and had Herman, Virgil, and Mary Katherine who is now Mrs. Harold Talbert of Edinburg. Maud married Ross Sanders. Hester married Homer Brown and Ray married for the second time and is living in Trafalgar.

Charles married for the third time, Harriett Dehart. They had five children, but only two lived to be grown, Laura and James. Laura married Sam Barnhill and had two children, Della and Harlan. James married Cora Hancok of Tipton IN and had one daughter, Pansy who married Roy McCubbins and lives in Indianapolis.
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