Transcribed by Judith Sandage Murphy (c) Apr 1998


This comes from my transcription of the microfilm roll from the National Archives I suggest you use your FIND or SEARCH features of your browser -- it will aid you in finding your surnames since these are not in alphabetic order at this time. I also suggest you try variations of spellings too.

This page be updated as I do more transcriptions -- you may find that as I do these you may only have the surname and first name of the head of household, while others will have the complete transcription -- these will all be filled in until eventually 1) every person in household is shown and 2) all data for each person is shown. You will see that I have "bounced around" and this was due to my transcribing for my own family or something had caught my attention at the time. I have since tried to get a variety of names, all of the persons who married within the year (a lead to the marriage date), etc. I could have held all this information until entire film is read, but feel that even these partial readings may be of help to someone NOW. The names and letters are my interpretation of what this writing showed and what they "appear to be" -- the handwriting is very, very bad in places and sometimes so faint or illegible it is next to impossible to read.

They used IA as the abbreviation for Indiana back then and I have used IN so that persons do not confuse the place of birth with someone from Iowa.

Hope this will be of value to my fellow researchers.

Judith Sandage Murphy / jmurphy@erinet.com