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Reverend and Mrs. Francis W. Sisco moved to Greensburg from Bentonport, Iowa. He was a Methodist minister and was the first of the family to be buried in South Park Cemetery. They had eight children, one of whom remained in Greensburg. Melissa Sisson Sisco (1844-1917) married Jeremiah Crawford Walker (1839-1926) and had seven children, three of whom remained in Greensburg:

  1. Laura Ellen Walker (1866-1951) was employed as cashier at Minears Dry Goods Co. for twenty-six years before her retirement.
  2. Lula May Walker (1870-1947) married John Seneca Wilson,Sr. (1867-1932), of Clarksburg, in 1888 and had six children. Two died in infancy (Loren and John) and Monte T. died at twenty years old.
  3. Harry Crawford Walker
  4. Monte Francis Walker
  5. Martha Ann Catharine Walker
  6. Margaret Justin Walker (10/24/1887-4/23/1898)
  7. Lelia Ann Gertrude Walker (1874-1949) taught in the Greensburg school for forty-seven years until her retirement.
  8. Lula and John Wilson's children were:

    1. Loren Wilson (1889-1890)
    2. John Seneca Wilson, Jr. (1891-1891)
    3. Monte Thomas Wilson (1893-1913)
    4. Charles Franklin Wilson, only surviving son married Rose Kabey of Greensburg and had six children: Twins, Robert John and William Franklin, Carol Rosemary, Charlene and James. All live in Indianapolis except one which lives in La Porte.
    5. Gertrude Ellen Wilson married Thomas M. Day of Greensburg. She was Welfare Director of Decatur County for thirteen years and Co-owner of Thomas H Day Chrysler Plymouth Agency and Greensburg Airport. There were no children.
    6. Reine May Wilson (1895-1991) married Lt. T. Wilson Hamilton of Greensburg. She managed Farmer's Mutual Insurance for many years and later became a nurse. They had two daughters:
    1. Evelynn Wilson Hamilton (1920-1989) who graduated from Butler University and was employment coordinator for Community Hospital in Indianapolis for twenty-six years until her retirement in 1982.
    2. Louise Irene Hamilton taught dancing in Greensburg before graduating from Hanover College. She was then a member of the dance department faculty of Arthur Jordan College of Music when she married Bill Brock of Allen Park, Michigan. They moved to Miami, Florida where she co-owned Brock's Florist Inc. until 1983. They have two children who live in Florida:
    1. Karen Louise Brock who married (1) Dewayne F. Cowart (2) Michael R. Boger. Karen and Michael have one son, Wyeth Hamilton Boger.
    2. Kim William Brock who married Rhonda Bruder. They have two children, Matthew William Brock and Erin Rebecca Brock.

    Reina May Wilson Hamilton later married Howard S. Heath, Sr. (1895-1980)

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